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Entry #3

New Art thingies on their way!

2007-08-03 11:54:20 by BitmapPirate

So for quite some time I've had a serious case of drawers block which finally seems to have wavered. Expect more stuff in my art thread. Weee!


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2007-08-04 23:16:13

awesome more art from the bitmappirate.


2007-08-05 01:59:41

woot. It's been awhile.


2007-08-09 12:56:35

haha, i hate when i run into those creative walls :( good to see you found a way to overcome it. did you go over the wall, around it, or just blow it up? ;)

BitmapPirate responds:

I ate the wall.


2007-09-09 20:34:18

Your link in your thread to your new flash wont work :*(


2007-11-18 15:05:12

You dont post anymore :(.